Motorway Services the Westmorland Way

Motorway services in the UK have very little to be desired. Expensive, unimaginative, mostly completely and utterly depressing and smelly are my personal adjectives relating to these venues.

Imagine actually looking forward to stopping at a motorway services compared with dreading it and only stopping off due to absolute necessity? Cast you minds back to the worst offender of them all, the old Bolton West Services. It was that horrific I began avoiding the M61 at all costs!

So why can’t every services be like Cumbria’s very own Tebay Services? A breath of fresh air in more ways than one. It is a services that motorists can’t wait to stop at and many even make a detour to visit. It is somewhere you can have a really good meal, can buy nice produce and gifts and even give your dog a good old leg stretch on a long journey. It’s not rocket science yet Tebay Services is the only one of it’s kind in the UK (thankfully they are developing a services on the M5 so at least they’ll be 2 when completed).

tebay m6 services cumbria
Tebay Services and Farm Shop

The past week has seen service stations in the news. JD Wetherspoon opened its first motorway pub last week, unsurprisingly there has been a huge amount of discussion about it. It is always going to be a contentious subject despite JD Wetherspoon saying it will also serve “the surrounding community from the local road network.” The hotel at Tebay Services, the Westmorland Hotel, of course serves alcohol but the bar is within the hotel so all customers stay overnight. The hotel really is worth a stay, very reasonable rates, friendly and excellent, locally sourced food. Dog friendly too.

westmorland hotel tebay
The Westmorland Hotel at Tebay Services