Lyth Valley Lovingly Makes Lonely Planet Beautiful World Book

We’ve always known how beautiful the Lyth Valley is but now even one of the world’s largest travel guide book publisher agrees, Lonely Planet.

If you’re not familiar with the Lyth Valley, if you’ve happened to stumble on this blog from a far away land, this area is located in South Cumbria tucked away between Kendal and Windermere. South Cumbria and the Southern Lake District being one of the busiest areas of this region yet the Lyth Valley has managed to keep its unspoiltness (yes, it is actually a real word) and tranquillity.

lyth valley cumbria
The scenery, the damsons, the holiday accommodation

So back to the Lonely Planet and the reason for writing this post. The Lyth Valley has been included in the “Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World” book. The book has been published to showcase beautiful locations across the globe and the following is down in print within it regarding The Lyth Valley The unspoilt Lyth Valley is tucked in a hidden corner of Cumbria, where trees are laden with fruit and rolling hills are the most magnificent green.”


For such a large travel guide publisher to be recognising real hidden gems and acknowledging areas such as The Lyth Valley is really quite encouraging for the promotion of Cumbria and the Lake District.

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