Love Most Definitely in the air in Windermere!

The song “love is in the air” couldn’t be more appropriate to describe what happened earlier this month in Windermere. So much so that I couldn’t not write about it.

Monday morning August 5th, my phone went at work, it was friends of ours who own and run a hotel in Windermere. Talking away about how what kind of weekend they’d had in the hotel, Suzanne happened to slip into conversation they had had 6 proposals. “6 proposals” I exclaimed, “as in marriage?” in equally as shocked a voice. Yes, that was really what had happened.

During the weekend of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August 2013, one hotel compromising of just 14 bedrooms produced 6 engaged couples. Well, to get the facts absolutely correct, 5 proposals occurred in the hotel and one on the hotels’ luxury boat whilst sailing on Lake Windermere but it is still one business and still quite frankly, astonishing and also, nowhere near Valentines day!

Applegarth Villa Hotel
Love was definitely in the air at the Applegarth Villa Hotel earlier this month!

Many will know of the Romantic Movement, the phrase coined by the such famous Lake District poets, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, his sister Dorothy Wordsworth and Robert Southey well, Windermere can surely be called now the romantic capital of the Lake District! I makes me wonder, if there were 6 proposals in just one hotel there, how many others took place after all, there are a fair few hotels in Windermere to say the least.

As jaw dropping as Suzanne’s news on these engagements was and still is (6 proposals… hotel……one weekend for heavens sake!), there aren’t too many better places to pop the question than the Lake District really is there and especially when this summer has been glorious in terms of weather too.

And before I go, I may as well give my friends a little plug and their stunning hotel, the Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant. Obviously not just a lovely, welcoming family run hotel but THE hotel for asking for your loved ones hand in marriage in Windermere! Each room individually decorated and you won’t find many better hotel bathrooms anywhere. Announcing this news on Facebook, umptine people posted comments about how they had proposed whilst staying there, spent their honeymoon there or celebrated anniversaries there and hopefully these newly engaged couples will return there too.

Much love to all! xxx